Marta is a graduate of the University of Deusto in Economic and Business Sciences, expanding her education in Sales and Marketing postgraduate studies at the Escuela Superior de Marketing de Guipúzcoa and at the European Institute of Coaching (International Certification Level 1 – Expert).

    After 26 years of experience in various positions of responsibility in different countries in Europe, both in national and multinational companies from different sectors, she has developed her professional career in the field of team and people´s development. In doing so she has become an expert in productivity and improvement of measurable results, helping people to improve their performance and personal productivity.

    She is trainer and mentor focusing on team building, leadership and negotiation at Gamesa, CAF, Rhenus Logistics, Niessen, and Schneider, among others. She has been a director in the Basque Country and Guipúzcoa at SMI® Success Motivation Institute. She has also worked for important organisations such as Adecco, MCC or FPK Lightweight Technologies Deutschland GmbH, among others.

    Marta has actively participated in conferences, workshops and motivational talks for organisations and forums, such as ASPEGI (Asociación de Directivas y Empresarias Guipuzcoanas); ADONA (Asociación de Donantes de Sangre Navarra), ADEGI (Asociación de Empresarios Guipuzcoanos), APEMI (Asociación de empresas del Polígono 27), Enterpreneurs Forum and Organisational Innovation Forum. Additionally, she provides continuous support as part of the team in the strategic team management for “SME” (small and medium enterprises). Furthermore, she develops methodologies and tools of organisational transformations toward the achievement and the management of change.

    Marta speaks 4 languages, Spanish (native), English, French and German.

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