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“To carry out effective leadership in an ever-changing environment, as challenging and unpredictable as the sea, the value that a map can have is limited; there is a need for “an emotional compass”.
José Alfredo López


How can we create an emotional environment climate encouragins creative innovation whilst supporting the effort required to achieve success of challenges ahead, or to create long lasting relationships with our clients?

Our programmes provide tools to leaders, behavioural models and new approaches to improve management within current V.U.C.A. environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) in which we are working.

Embarking on developing more resonant emotionally intelligent leadership, which is more focused on principles avoiding dysfunctional leadership models, we firmly believe emotionally intelligent leadership inspires, awakens passion and enthusiasm raising motivation in a working environment.

In complex situations all eyes converge on the leader, there is a search for emotional guidance. The leader´s opinion is of vital importance, their way to interpret, make sense and react emotionally to a particular situation will help them to become the chief manager within group or team.

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